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Education and Outreach

The Glory Education and Public Outreach will increase awareness and understanding of the earth's energy as a system and the effect of aerosols on the climate.

Glory Posters

GSFC Glory Poster
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KSC Launch Poster
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Glory Brochure

 Understanding the Earth's Energy Budget
Understanding the Earth's Energy Budget
Glory, a climate-observing satellite, will extend and improve measurements of both aerosols and solar variability.
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Special Features

Glory Aboard the A-Train
The "A-Train" satellite formation will consist of six satellites flying in close proximity
black carbon data
Aerosols : What Are They and Why Are They So Important?
Aerosols play a crucial role in climate forcing and can contribute to both warming and cooling of the Earth's atmosphere.
Glory news
New satellite to shed light on Earth's warming
NASA plans to launch a new satellite next year, called Glory, which will measure the energy from the sun and the effects of particles and clouds.
black carbon soot
Black Carbon Contributes to Droughts and Floods
Black carbon particles are causing changes in precipitation and temperatures, contributing to droughts and floods.
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Kids Page

Glory Kids

Have fun while learning about Earth Science and the Glory Mission!Check out these Glory mission related games and activities!

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Taking Earth's Temperature
This short video explores the tools NASA scientists use to take the Earth's temperature.
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