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Animated Visualizations

budget breakout animations
Earth's Energy Budget Animations: Global View and Budget Breakout
Two conceptual science animations provide two different perspectives that both illustrate Earth's energy budget.
Glory Launch Sequence
Animation showing the launch and deploy of Glory satellite.
solar variability and tsi
Solar Variability and Total Solar Irradiance (TSI)
This data is from October 2003, and displays the largest recorded short-term decrease in TSI.
Glory's Total Irradiance Monitor (TIM)
The Total Irradiance Monitor (TIM) is an electrical substitution radiometer (ESR) that measures total solar irradiance (TSI) with extreme accuracy and precision.
Glory Instrument Flyover
Flyover of the APS, TIM, and Cloud Camera instruments on the Glory satellite.
Glory Solar Array Deployment
The Glory spacecraft uses Orbital Sciences Corporation Space Systems Group's LEOStar-1 bus design, with deployable, four-panel solar arrays. This conceptual animation reveals Glory's unique solar array deployment sequence.
A-train animation
Cross Calibration of the Afternoon Constellation's Instruments
Animation of the A-train including the Glory satellite.
Two Glory Beauty Passes
Two animated beauty passes reveal different perspectives of the spacecraft in orbit.
The Cloud Makers
Much is still to be learned about how aerosols affect climate. This video gives a general overview of cloud-aerosol interactions and how the upcoming Glory mission will enable better understanding in the future.
Glory's Aerosol Polarimetry Sensor Taking Polarimetric Measurements
This animation reveals Glory's APS taking polarimetric measurements along the satellite ground track within the solar reflective spectral region
Taking the Earth's Temperature
This short video explores the tools NASA scientists use to take the Earth's temperature.